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Even our small attempts to save electricity will be helpful. At home, we should be very careful regarding the electric apparatus used by us. Fans, lights, air-conditioners, refrigerators, water heaters should be used properly. Television sets should not be on when we do not need them. We should use lights and bulbs that consume less power..

  • Short Essay on Uses of Electricity.
  • Short Paragraph on Electricity and its Uses.
  • Paragraph on Save Earth.
  • Short Paragraph on Save Water.
  • Short Paragraph on Save Environment.

Marketing Plan


Your plan should explain your current situation, including how long you’ve been an electrical contractor, when you started your own business and who your clients are. If you’re a startup business, explain your background and experience in electrical contracting. Describe the target market you want to pursue, such as developers who need electricity installed in their new buildings, homeowners with remodeling projects or businesses that need upgraded electrical services..

  • Expedient and convenient electrical services.
  • Growing and maintaining a referral network of customers.
  • Focus expertise in data, communication and electrical installation and maintenance.
  • Rapid order and delivery of electrical components.
  • Expedient and convenient electrical services.